Acupuncture @ Oasis

Acupuncture can be a perfect addition to your health care journey.
Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


Stay tuned for exciting news about acupuncture at Oasis soon!

It is with best wishes on her exciting adventure as a brand new mom that we say goodbye to Elaine Meade. The search is on for a new acupuncturist to join the Oasis team. It won’t belong. Stay tuned, both here and on Facebook, for an announcement and introduction!

Acupuncture Hours & Pricing

Hours: Please call the Oasis office at 207-838-5549 to check for acupuncture availability.
  • Initial 90 minute visit: $100.
  • Regular visits: $75 an hour, or one wellness unit.

Call 883-5549 to schedule your appointment

Need Directions? Click here for a map and directions to Oasis.